Got some questions?

We try hard to make using Skotty seamless and easy. Here are some tips and checks!

Skotty does not work

There's a few checks to make sure Skotty is working for you: Check: do you have signal? Check: phone not in flight mode? Check: if the agent is disabled (in the app) Check: did you grant all access? If Skotty still doesn't work: delete the app and reinstall If you have a prepaid phone: check your credit hasn't finished

Agenda Stuff

- Skotty syncs with your phone calendar, based on the agenda you have set up on your phone Skotty will find you the best time. - Skotty can only check one calender, so select the one you want Skotty to check for your availability and to place a reminder in. - If the caller's email is in your address book, Skotty includes this in the reminder so it's in their agenda too

Does Skotty work with phone switched off?

- Nope, this version does not work when you don't, so if the phone is off Skotty is taking a time out. - In the next version we will have Skotty work a little harder. - In Flightmode, Skotty does not work too.

How many languages does Skotty speak?

Right now Skotty speaks English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch. In the future, Skotty will be multi multi-lingual to handle every missed call worldwide! Stay tuned!

Callback time zones

Skotty will include the time zone (of the helloSkotty user's calender) for the options of the callback appointment. So the caller can decide is that time works for him or her, wherever they are in the world.

SMS costs

Skotty sends SMSs using your mobile phone bundle. When you're in another country, remember to check whether you have SMS included in your contract or not. You can always switch off Skotty to avoid paying for these.