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Getting started

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Frequently asked questions

Granting Access

In order to let Skotty do the best possible job Skotty needs access to a couple of things: - SMS - Why? Skotty chats with your caller via SMS (Depending on your bundle SMS costs might occur) - Calendar - Why? Skotty needs to check when you are free, and to be able to schedule an appointment for you - Contacts - Why? Skotty is a friendly assistant and can greet the caller by name if he or she is in your contacts, plus put the caller’s name in the appointment


With Skotty installed you have no need for that anymore! Skotty handles it all for you. So you can turn off your voicemail when using Skotty to save you and the caller time. Switching off the voicemail depends on your carrier. If you call your voicemail you will be offered (in most occasions) the option to turn it off. Or if you prefer to keep it switched on, you could record a message to ask the caller to check their SMS to arrange a call back.

Agenda Management

Skotty manages your callbacks based on your calendar, and will try to select the best time to call someone back. So to help Skotty help you, make sure your calendar is up-to-date:) Skotty can only check one calender, so select the one that you want Skotty to check your availability, and to place an appointment in. If you go on holiday, and don't want Skotty to arrange callbacks during that period, best to block this out in your calender

App Settings

You have a few basic settings in the app: 1. Language selection 2. Duration of the appointment: the time Skotty will block in your agenda for the call back 3. Workdays & hours: the specified hours in your agenda Skotty will use to schedule your callback appointments. 4. Allow Skotty to make appointments only with contacts in your address book 5. Send a customized message to your favourite / starred contacts 6. Send a cusotmised message when reject a callback request.

Free Trial

We will give you a one month free trial to experience Skotty and how it can best work for you. After the free trial, the subscription will start. Of course you will be notified, plus always have the option to end the subscription anytime if you and Skotty are not working out:(