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Matthijs Draijer
May 27, 2019
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If you can't take a call (Miss, Reject or are offline) Calbey will pick up Calbey greets the caller and asks for his or her name Then Calbey asks for the topic and if the caller would like a call back From that point Calbey checks in with you, you determine if you: - Call that person back straight away - Ignore and dispose the call because it is not relevent - Give Calbey the task to schedule a call back In the last case, Calbey makes a callback appointment with the caller Calbey will propose 4 timeslots based on your agenda User selects the time that works for him/ her Calbey puts the callback appointment with: 1. name 2. tel nr 3. topic in your agenda. Easy peasy
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Matthijs Draijer

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