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September Update


Skotty now organizes the appointment he made in an upcoming callback appointments overview. Making it easier for the user to keep an overview and have the direct callback from the app


The Skotty user also has the option to decline the appointment. Of course Skotty will manage the communication with the caller



  • Easily turn Skotty on or off

  • Add your name that Skotty uses to answer on your behalf

  • Select your calendar to check and use for the callback appointment

  • Select your "work" or "callback" days

  • Set your callback hours

  • And set the callback duration, that is the time that the appointment will take in your agenda


Advanced settings

  • Select your pricing plan:

  • 30-day free trial

  • 0.99ct for standard 

  • 4,99 for premium

  • Set your preferred language

  • EnglishFrench, Spanish, German, Dutch

  • Only allow your known contacts to schedule an appointment with Skotty

  • And a special flow/ service for your favorite contacts.

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