Did you know Skotty has many ways to help you save time and hassle?

*Answers missed calls*

*Screens unknown callers*

*Arranges convenient callbacks*

... and many more listed below 


And to make sure you get the best out of helloSkotty, check out our set-up guide and  FAQs 

Frequently asked questions

SMS with callers

Once you decline or you're unable to take a call, Skotty starts an SMS chat with callers, asking and answering questions to arrange the best-timed callback in your calender.

Personally greets callers

If the caller's number is in your contacts, Skotty will greet them by the name you've them in your address book.

Lets you decide callback duration

Prefer short or longer callback appointments? 5 minutes, or it's usually important so need 30 minutes. You can decide in the settings (middle) page, under 'set your callback appointment duration':)

Lets you decide timing of call-backs

Prefer a specific block of hours for when Skotty can schedule callbacks? You can easlily select this in the app settings under 'Set your workdays' and 'Set your callback hours'

Synchronizes with your calendar

Skotty will put a reminder immediately into the selected calender (you chose in the app settings for Skotty to check your availability) with the caller's name and the topic for the call.

Speaks multiple languages

We've trained Skotty to speak English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch - you can chose this in the settings (middle) page. And many more languages are in the pipeline!

Sends calender invite to caller

If the caller's email is in your address book they will also receive a calback invite in their calender

Lets you decide who Skotty responds to

Don't want Skotty to schedule callbacks with those not in your address book? No problem, you can select that option in the settings (middle) page: 'Only make appojntment with contacts'! They will receive an SMS asking them for their name and the topic they want to speak to you about, and then that Skotty will let you know of they called you.

Lets you decide to accept callback request

Want to decline the callback request? You can do so in the 'dashboard' (right hand page with skotty symbol) which has a log of all callback requests.

Screens unknown callers

When you receive an unknown call, you can decline and let Skotty ask who's calling and the topic of their call. Skotty will then alert you with the details, letting you decide whether to call that person back. No more wondering who's calling or having to listen to voicemails. Skotty handles this for you!