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From idea to pilot in 2 months!

Got an awesome digital idea

but only between €5k and €20k budget?

AND need to test demand and feasibility before committing?

Why partner with us?

Sharp & affordable pricing

10+ years of entrepreneurial experience building AI & digital products 

Motivated professional dev team

"Your one-stop shop to pilot your digital idea

- safely, quickly and at a price to match your budget"

What's the deal?

Pilot your idea!

Minimum Viable Product is a structured experiment that helps to validate an idea and it’s assumptions. It helps to de risk uncertainty so you can decide if the idea is something to pursue.


The aim is to be able to help you verify:

  • Desire, do people want this

  • Viability, can this solve a problem

  • Feasibility, can this be built at a reasonable cost

why between €5k & €20k?

Pilot budgeting!

From years of start-up and piloting experience, we know that you need a minimum 5k budget to build something you can test.  And believe us we've tried to do it for less and learnt, too cheap is more expensive.  And if it can't be built for 20k, then it's too complex and feature-rich ... and not a pilot! 

So we believe in setting these expectations to ensure you've found the right partner.  

 case study

Your incoming call assistant!

What happens when you can't answer an incoming call? We've created Calbey as a virtual employee assistant, that communicates with callers via SMS on your behalf.  It identifies who's calling and the topic of the call and arranges a mutually-convenient time for a callback.  No need for voicemails, or back-and-forth texting, nor wondering who's called and do I need to callback.  It's all taken care of, giving you peace-of-mind and the chance to focus on the task at hand.

This is how we do it



Articulate your idea

Define your target

Agree success metrics 



Spec your product

Price the build 

Sanity check



Hands-on project management 

Risk-free test & learn




Product-market fit

Product development

Business development 

Investment strategy 


Email:     Tel: +31 6 21 39 40 88

Skiptobot BV, De Werf 1, Loenen aan de Vecht, Nederland

KVK: 71875379

BTW: NL858883752B01

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