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 The Mobile Phone Challenge

Are they helping or hindering us?

Is the flood of attention-demanding messages & notifications turning our phones into the biggest distractors in the workplace?


phone Calls



On average we spend about 12 minutes per day on missed calls, voicemail and organising callbacks




We check and respond to an average of 8 incoming messages and notifications on apps every single day



180 minutes is spent every day by the average worker on checking their email on their mobile



These interruptions contribute to the 2,617 daily  touches, taps and swipes. Since most aren't important to the present moment, our focus is shattered

95% OF PEOPLE are interrupted 5x hour

by their smart phone at work

We invite you TO JOIN US!


Thanks for your interest in taking part in this important project!

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our work lives.  The challenge is increasingly how can we make sure they remain a help as opposed to a hindrance to doing our jobs!.


We are working on solutions such as helloSkotty to help prevent these interruptions from becoming distractions, to allow people to focus more on the moment, manage their time more effectively and be more productive.

We’re partnering with companies such as KLM, Diageo and Akzo Nobel on a large-scale research project to gain insights on how to help people manage these distractions.  We’d love your company/team to be part of this project.



1. Understand how your team currently uses their phone

2. What causes distraction / disruption -> impacting productivity and focus

3. Gain insight into how incoming calls to mobiles are currently managed  

4. Help you help your team better manage their mobile phone

5. Decrease distraction and  increase productivity

6. Define the most beneficial solution to managing calls when you’re busy

Imagine the saving! If you have 100 employees that could save 10 minutes a day. That represents an annual productivity saving of €500.000.  Your team will also benefit from being able to focus on the key task at hand whilst their calls are being managed, plus your customers, clients and/or colleagues get an instant response and a time that they know will be called back.



We'll run the project with your direction, taking care of all the key tasks:

Create the survey: tailor as necessary

Provide suggested email to send to respondents

Run survey and provide results report

Follow up with interested testers on a virtual assistant call manager service

Onboard testers and support during the trial

Collate feedback for future iterations and innovations to better serve your team


The investment is in time, it will take your employee about 5 minutes to participate. And that is it! In return we would like to use the anonymous survey data for our research goals.


In return for your participation, we offer you a tailored survey and a report with the results plus some advice. On top of that we offer your employees the benefits of helloSkotty our virtual personal assistant app for a period of 2 months for free. 




More info? Contact Ashley Usiskin via or fill out the form below

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